Venture Hacks is back from a long and boring summer vacation. It’s good to be back.

Let’s get into the blogging groove with the latest quotes from our Twitter feed (RSS):

“I believe that the biggest advantage a startup has over a big competitor is intellectual honesty.” – Mike Speiser

“How often do you hear business people poke holes in their own arguments the way engineers do?” – Mike Speiser

“Startups are tools for investors and founders to get rich. Caveat employees.” – Me

“Entrepreneurs are vulnerable and easy to seduce. Caveat entrepreneur.” – Me

“The best test of a person’s character is how he or she treats those with less power.” – Bob Sutton

“The amount of money you are raising is a good indicator of how much you think the company is worth.” – David Hornik

“Customer problems… are often painstaking, uncool and downright boring.” – charles in charge

Extreme Programming

Over the last few months, I’ve been reading a lot about extreme programming and practicing it with Pivotal Labs. Here are some great quotes on extreme programming from our Twitter feed:

“The less functional the initial delivery, the higher the quality in the final delivery.” – Bob Martin

“A mile long To-Do list is proof of time wasted, not time saved.” – Ryan Singer

“Delay [decisions] until the last responsible moment.” – Mary and Tom Poppendieck

“Abnormalities will never disappear if a worker always attends to a machine and stands in for it when an abnormality does occur.” – Taiichi Ohno

“Writing code without a way to detect defects immediately is the fastest way to build up an inventory of partially done work.” – Mary and Tom Poppendieck

“A plan is an example of what could happen, not a prediction of what will happen.” – Kent Beck

Thanks kindly for reading our stuff.

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  • Sajid

    A couple of quotes from me (!) inspired by John Doerr’s talk at Stanford:

    “Mercenaries do it for the money and missionaries do it for love, but missionaries beat mercenaries at their own game!”

    “Mercenaries only have short term greed, missionaries have long term greed!”