Almost every startup with an unfinished application puts up a page like this:

The customer development team at Grockit (Sean Ellis and Matt Johnson) takes a  more interesting approach:

Most startups just gather a list of email addresses. But Grockit measures the customer’s intent: “Why do you want to use our product?”

Consider asking these additional questions, perhaps on a second page:

  1. “Can our CEO contact you to learn more about your needs?” Now you’ve got a list of earlyvangelists you can talk to — an awesome asset for startups that are iterating with their customers to reach product/market fit.
  2. “How are you preparing for the LSAT today?” Now you know if customers are putting together a solution out of other parts.
  3. “Would you pay for Grockit if it met your needs?” Now you know if customers have a budget.

This is a customer development pattern that other startups should copy.

# And here’s Steve Blank‘s definition of an earlyvangelist — memorize it now.

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