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  • Agus Latif

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I Agus, SE from Jakarta – Indonesia.
    Our company is a company start-ups.

    I am currently planning to build Palm Plantation
    Covering an area of 20 thousand hectares with a budget cost
    of USD 164,000,000.00 (One hundred and sixty-four million)
    and the Palm Oil Mill Building to produce palm oil (CPO)

    But in this case my focus looking for a partner JV (investor)
    Whose Interested to invest in the business of Agro Industry.

    We offer ownership shares to investors at
    49% of our stock for this project

    Do you have a potential angel investor relations?


    Agus, SE
    Owner / President Director
    PT. Alifzar Berjaya Indonesia
    The City Tower, 12th Floor Unit 1-N
    Jl. MH. Thamrin No.81, Central Jakarta – Indonesia
    Postal code : 10310
    Tel. +6221 29 222 999 Fax: +6221 29 222 990
    Email :
    Skype : pt.alifzarberjaya.indonesia

  • Vincent G. Spivey

    Good day,

    I am Vincent. I work with Livingston Loeffler, a law firm that focuses on intellectual property. I was wondering if I could submit a guest contribution for publishing on your site. I assure you that it will provide unique insights to your readers, and not a generic article you would see elsewhere. I believe that your readers might be interested in an article that covers the advice of copyright attorneys.

    What do you think about this? If you’re interested, I am happy to have a piece written up and sent over to you – or if you have another topic you’d like to see covered, I am more than happy to write on that.

    Kind regards,
    Vincent G. Spivey

  • Daniel Gelernter

    We’re a tech startup with a brand-new product: an attachment-finder for Gmail.

    A study by Microsoft found that 62% of people lose files sent to them as attachments. In our recent alpha test, two-thirds of Gmail users with our plugin used us on a daily basis!

    We’ve just released our beta. Please give us a look in the Chrome store:

    Dan Gelernter

    CEO, Dittach

  • Monique Plummer


    My name is Monique Plummer, Customer Experience Agent for Yaasa. Yaasa is a world class adjustable furniture and accessories company that intuitively adapts to improve our customers comfort and wellbeing. We create products that enhance people’s individual living experiences, simply & affordably, and all our products are delivered right to your door.

    After the success of our mattress-in-a-box business, we knew we had to go further into the world of comfort and wellness in order to stand out in the marketplace. So, we recently introduced the Yaasa Adjustable Bed to our portfolio to complement our mattress and accessories, and provide a more enhanced rest experience. The bed has already been featured on Touch of Modern and has been getting amazing reviews from both our affiliates and customers.

    I wanted to see if the Yaasa Adjustable Bed was something that you would be interested in featuring on your site?

    Below is a link to the full press kit with all the information and assets you will need, of course should you need any more details I, or any of the Yaasa team will be happy to help. I can also offer a demonstration in person with one of our team if you think this would help and inform your article so you can see the power of adjustability in action!

    We have a lot of exciting adjustable innovations in the pipeline for 2018/19, and I look forward to sharing more news regarding those launch dates and events as they happen.

    In the meantime, thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Best wishes,

    Monique Plummer
    Customer Experience Agent

    It’s Time To Adjust

  • Julie

    I have asked many times that my profile and account be deleted from your site.

    Can you do that please?

  • Josh Landean

    Hi there,

    I am Josh from Sports Marketing Experts and I help businesses improve their notoriety online. The group of entrepreneurs I represent here is interested in communicating on your blog and I believe your audience would like to learn more about their story. The progress of their enterprise from selling their equipment off ebay 13 years ago to leading their local Canadian market today seems to fit the type of content you display on

    I would be happy to further discuss that opportunity with you and evaluate what would best suit your needs.

    Looking forward to starting collaborating with you.

  • Trisha Baskerville

    Thanks for opening and replying to this message.
    I’m interested in publishing an article on your website.
    Do you offer a guest post or paid submissions? (If yes, please send me a price).
    I am waiting for your reply!
    Lisa Smith

  • Tim Wegman

    Hi there,

    My name is Tim and I am in charge of the outreach service for a major
    affiliate company which focuses on the following topics:

    And more

    I am looking for websites to publish sponsored articles with a link back to
    the company’s affiliate sites.

    I came across your site and I think it can be a great fit for my

    If this is something you do, please let me know.

    Tim Wegman

  • Mark M. Smeltzer

    Hi, Venture Hacks team. Thanks for your time.

    My writing partner and I have an animated crime drama with letters of intent from some big names in the animation and VO industry attached.

    Some names attached via LOI:
    -Jay Oliva – EP – Lex + Otis
    -David Hartman – Director – Lex + Otis
    – Dave Fennoy – VO Actor
    – Adrian Lockett – VO Actor
    – Sarah Schulte – VO Actor
    – Adam Breseman – Writer
    – DJ Lopez – Producer
    – Mark M. Smeltzer – Co-Creator, Writer, VO Actor, EP
    – Shelby Sloan – Co-Creator, Writer, VO Actor, EP

    When can we send you pitch materials or the script to help you make a more informed decision?

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

    Mark M. Smeltzer
    Shelby Sloan

    Nascence The Film LLC

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