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  • Arun

    The scenario is as follows:
    Region: India (Delhi)
    Vertical: Software and IT Services
    Total investment required: 2.75 Million USD
    BEP: 24 months
    Total return in 5 years: 5 fold of initial investment made
    Current number of partners: 4

    What is the percentage of shares which the following responsibility holders should have, if each of them is responsible for the following exclusive and distinct responsibilities:
    1. Financial investing as Private Equity holder
    2. Marketing and Sales
    3. Daily Operations and Management (includes Organizational Strategy, etc.)
    4. Technology & Innovations

  • Anonymous


    I think Venturehacks gives an excellent insight into startup capital. Your site has been a great resource!

    Question: in a startup of multiple founders, how do you balance the founding equity with other sources of income (ie some founders are married with working wives, some are single, some have other income from other part-time ventures)? Does the person who has no other income, get more equity? are pay scales differentiated?

    We want to align everyone with the same commitment to the venture, but external income may adjust the economic incentives portion of that.

    Thanks in advance for your perspective,