AngelList reviews from entrepreneurs in the trenches:

Tony Wright, Founder of RescueTime (and AngelList power broker) says:

“AngelList is the real deal. I’ve heard quite a few people having some success there. Even as a YC company, there is a startling hole after Demo Day… It can take months to close a round (it took us 5ish), even loaded down with Demo Day biz cards and meeting invites. If I were doing YC again today, I’d try to get on AngelList right after Demo Day…”

Paul Stamatiou, Founder of Skribit says:

“Nothing but great things to say about AngelList. I applied with my startup and while we weren’t selected for that week, Nivi sent me a nice personalized email and has been super friendly and always open to chat about startups.”

Dave Lifson, Founder of Postling says:

“So we pivoted (explained in the GigaOm post, but I’ll say more soon), and sent the new direction to AngelList. And this is where the craziness started.

“My first phone call was with Tom McInerney, 3 hours before I was flying out to SXSW. After about a 30 minute phone call, Tom was in. He then introduced me to his friend Paige Craig, who would also be at SXSW. I met Paige in Austin, and after meeting, he told me he was in. The next day, at a Venturehacks meetup at the Four Seasons hotel, he pulled over Dave McClure. We went out to the balcony (he wanted a cigarette) and I pitched him. He was in. The following day, I spoke with Thomas Korte, who moved up our scheduled phone call a couple days once he heard Dave was investing, and he was in. I also got an email introduction via my friend Russ (founder of SeatGeek) about his investor Kal Vepuri, who was also at SXSW. Kal and I spoke on the balcony of the Austin Convention Center, and I was blown away by his intelligence and humility. So Kal was in. Finally, my friend Michael Galpert of Aviary connected me with Gary Vaynerchuk, who is a perfect investor for us given what he is passionate about (social media for businesses). David Cohen finished off our round not too long after that.

“So that’s it. Through a combination of a great team (Chris & Haim founded Etsy), customer development, responding to feedback, AngelList, networking, and being able to articulate a compelling vision backed by domain expertise, I was able to raise $200k in the 6 days of SXSW!”

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