We can now match investors and startups based on location at http://angel.co/locations.

It’s simple. Investors follow locations and startups add location(s) to their profile. Then they get matched.


Browse by continent, country, region, or city. Here’s a screenshot of Silicon Valley:

I want to see everything

If you’re an investor and you want to see everything, follow Earth. But you should still follow other locations if you’re particularly interested in them. It will help our code and community match you to interesting startups.

Where are the startups?

San Francisco and New York are essentially tied for the top spot:

Flattening and Fattening

The Internet is obviously flattening investing. So investors in India can find good startups in New York. And startups in Austin can find good investors in Europe.

But I think it will also fatten cities all over the world. So startups in Paris can find investors in Paris. And investors in Moscow can find startups in Moscow. We just need to fatten up those cities. There’s no reason we can’t have Silicon Valleys all over the world.

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  • Ramine Darabiha

    Would be interesting to see how you manage to get angels in the other countries. As you know, angel investing in Europe is considerably lower, but I wonder if that’s a function of deal flow visibility and knowledge (both of which you can fix), or simply because there’s little interest.

    How do you go on about creating an angel community abroad?

  • Halloo

    Recently met with some folks from Madrid who were bringing a portfolio of Latin American countries and investors here to San Francisco. Was really impressed at their depth of knowledge and experience in both dev and production of ‘clean energy.’

    Wow, the world really is becoming flatter, smaller.

  • Eric Ingram

    It’s fascinating the way seemingly obvious ideas (from a db perspective, linking already relational data points) can have such a dramatic impact on the value we derive from a product like AngelList. Good work!