My friends in Boston are running Angel Boot Camp (@angelbootcamp) in Cambridge, MA on June 1:

“Have you thought about angel investing but weren’t sure whether it was right for you or how to get started? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to learn more about working with angels and how angel investment differs from venture capital? Here’s a chance to learn from the experts.

“Why do angel investing? How do you find and evaluate potential investments? What’s the right amount of money to invest? How do you set terms? How do you work with other angels, entrepreneurs and VCs? What are the legal issues?”

The speakers, presented in a 4×4 array, look great:

If you’re a Boston angel, check out the Boot Camp. Startups are invited too. And when you’re done, join AngelList.

Boot Camp: Stay-at-Home Edition

Angel Boot Camp is modeled after Y Combinator’s AngelConf. Angels who want to learn more about angel investing should read this excellent essay by Y Combinator’s Paul Graham: How to Be an Angel Investor. And this semi-excellent interview with me and Naval: How to be an angel investor, Part 2.

Without angel investing, there would be no VC investing. Fred Wilson writes, “The angel funding mechanism is potentially the single most important funding mechanism in startup land.” I couldn’t agree more.

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  • Jon Pierce

    Thanks for the shout out, Nivi! I just added Jeff Bussgang of Flybridge, Laura Fitton of oneforty (aka @pistachio) , Sim Simeonov of FastIgnite, Chris Sheehan of CommonAngels, Jean Hammond of Golden Seeds and Dan Primack of peHUB to the lineup. Should be a lot of fun!

  • Gaith Saqer

    great events i wish i can attend, we should have events like these in the Arab world.