Mike at TechCrunch published a nice post today about VCs who use AngelList. I especially like the quote he pulled from DFJ’s Josh Stein.

The only part I disagree with is the “VCs hate AngelList” idea. I think it’s the opposite—they’re all over it like white on rice. What’s not to like about high-quality dealflow in your inbox?

Personally, I’m juiced to see firms like Kleiner, Sequoia, Khosla, A16Z, and other “Gods of VC” use the site.

Okay, enough preamble, who is actually investing?

Mike broke the news about which investors are taking intros. Now I want to break some news about which VCs have actually invested via AngelList.

We don’t have a good way to track who is investing in what. AngelList makes the connection and gets out of the way. But here are a few of the VCs that we know sourced (or reconnected with) a startup via AngelList and then made an investment:

General Catalyst…

…and angels and seed funds like Matt Mullenweg, Mitch Kapor, Dave Morin, Jim Young, Jeff Clavier, and tons more listed here and here.

I’m psyched these investors are using AngelList and I’m even more psyched to see startups like Uber, Yipit, Wanderfly, Branchout and a billion more use AngelList to raise money. That’s why we’re really here—AngelList is a platform for startups.

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  • Joshua McKenty

    In the same way that investors need high-quality dealflow, founders need high-quality intro-flow. It’s hard to pin down how successful AL is because, in many cases, those first AL intros lead to others, which lead to others, and so on.

    Certainly our AL listing was a crucial part of our seed-round financing; I wouldn’t over-emphasize those first-order effects. The second- and third-order advantages are just as large.

  • Muhammad Huzaifa

    Thank you for developing such a great platform for entrepreneurs 🙂

  • Lynn-Ann Gries

    I may have missed this on your site, but how is Angel List funded? What is the business model? Do you charge either party? Sell adversiting? Self fund out of your own pockets?

  • John Furrier

    Creating disruption and getting companies funded is not only fun (the disruption part) but great for society (getting companies funded).

    The fact that you can get companies funded that might not otherwise get funded creates new jobs and gets more “horses on the track”.

    Kudos Navi and Naval.


  • Dennis

    I love that Startups and Angels/VCs are raising/spending money via such an awesome platform.

    But I still think it is to big of a American Invest only fest, if you get what I mean. I am wondering how the Europeans can get a slice of the pie? And how do you foresee it the growth of investments in European startups in the future?

    I am really biased on this as I am from Europa and I feel like we are so far behind in the “startup scene” it makes no sense. But it could be the naive in me speaking as I am dutch. Also I am very young! (24)

  • Pavan

    I think there should be a good way to apply to a mass amount of seed funds. I feel like they’re all over the place.