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Summary: Sponsor Venture Hacks, publish 2 posts on our blog, and start a conversation with one of the highest-quality startup communities on the Web. Sponsor posts get 5000+ views, 50-150 retweets, and 50-100 new Twitter followers — they can even get on Hacker News and Techmeme. $1900 for 2 posts. Perfect for VCs, lawyers, startups, and service providers.

Dec 20 – Jan 2: Sponsored by Fred Destin (Atlas Venture)
Jan 3 – Jan 16: Sponsored by Scott Edward Walker (Walker Corporate Law)
Jan 17 – Jan 30: Sponsored by Simeon Simeonov (FastIgnite, Polaris Ventures)
Jan 31 – Feb 13: Sponsored by George Zachary (Charles River Ventures)
Feb 14 – Feb 27: Sponsored by Matt Bartus (Dorsey & Whitney)
Feb 28 – Mar 13:
Mar 14 – Mar 27:
(All subsequent fortnights are also available.)

Price: $1900

Contact: Please get in touch to schedule a sponsorship or for additional information.

What you get

Sponsor posts are a great way to start a conversation with the Venture Hacks community. They’re a chance for our readers to get inside the minds of their potential business partners — whether you’re a VC, lawyer, startup, or service provider. Past sponsors call it a “no-brainer.”

  • We publish two of your blog posts on Venture Hacks (1 post per week for 2 consecutive weeks). For example, see Take guidance from VCs, not orders and 5 New Year’s resolutions for closing deals in 2010. Sponsor posts include prominent links to your blog and Twitter.
  • We encourage you to participate in the conversation by replying to comments and tweets about your post.
  • We tweet about your posts (example) and good comments to your post (example).
  • Your post will be labeled as a Sponsor Post to indicate the post is written by a sponsor.
  • Finally, you get the soft benefits of supporting Venture Hacks, a critical resource for entrepreneurs. Announce the support on your blog and enjoy the accolades and hearty slaps on the back.

The results

Venture Hacks is the only site in the world where the ads perform as well as the content. Typical sponsor posts receive:

Sponsor posts can even land on Techmeme and Hacker News:

These results are a combination of the sponsor’s quality content and our distribution — your results may vary, but we will brainstorm topics with you, give you feedback, and help you edit your posts. We won’t take your money if we don’t think your posts will appeal to our community.

About Venture Hacks

Venture Hacks has 20K subscribers, 100K unique visitors/month, and 10K Twitter followers. But these numbers don’t tell the whole story.

We’re one of the highest-quality communities of entrepreneurs, investors, and service providers on the Web. We’re a daily read for the great entrepreneurs of today and the great entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Here are a few unsolicited testimonials from our readers:

“Excellent stuff!”

Evan Williams, Founder of Blogger and Twitter

“A fantastic blog… I heartily suggest entrepreneurs thinking about taking venture money read it.”

James Hong, Founder of Hot or Not

“Smart entrepreneurs continuing to add to the demystification of the term sheet.”

Brad Feld, Managing Director at Foundry Group

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What past sponsors say

Fred Destin, general partner at Atlas Venture:

“Benefits for me have been fairly clear in terms of: (1) measurable coverage progress (twitter, blog), (2) quality of followers seems generally high judging by retweets and commentary, and (3) geographic coverage on west coast which is good for me.”

Scott Edward Walker, founder of Walker Corporate Law Group:

“Nivi – Many thanks for your support over the past two weeks.  In answer to your question below, I would say the following:

1) it’s definitely worth the money;
2) it will create good blog traction and a solid bump re twitter followers;
3) Nivi is smart, extremely professional and responsive, and a great guy to work with;
4) VentureHacks has a strong following, particularly in the Bay area, and has recently created an impressive group of angels; and
5) in short, it’s a no-brainer.


Please get in touch to schedule a sponsorship or for additional information.