“Buying every book recommended by Venture Hacks.”

Jonathan Grubb, Founder of Get Satisfaction

The Venture Hacks Bookstore is live and magnificent. Check it out.

It contains 8 of our favorite books for entrepreneurs and we’ll be expanding it over time. We don’t recommend a book unless we refer to it regularly.

We’ve sold $13,385.74 of books since we first start tracking sales with Amazon Associates links. Here’s a little taste of the bookstore…


Bargaining for Advantage
G. Richard Shell
My favorite negotiation book period. It synthesizes the principled negotiation of Getting to Yes with the psychology of persuasion in Influence. I refer to it often. Among other things, it helps you answer questions like “Should I be the first to open? Should I open optimistically or reasonably? What sort of concession strategy works best?” Our full post →


Extreme Programming Explained
Kent Beck
Revelatory. Develop your product like this book tells you to, unless you know better (e.g. you have experience building operating systems, space shuttles, Googles.) Buy the first edition. Our full post →

This bookstore is the result of a multi-million dollar engagement with IBM Global Services that was three years late, even before it started. Please do visit and up your entrepreneurial game.

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  • Jonathan

    Wow, I’m famous! I use stuff from Bargaining for Advantage, Extreme Programming Explained, Four Steps to the Epiphany, and Body Language every day, both in my work life and my personal life. I somehow missed The Human Equation and Hidden Value, which I will remedy right now.

  • Michael F. Martin

    Great recs. I picked up a copy of Body Language based on the rec here and have enjoyed it.

    One that should be on the list is *Three Steps to Yes* by Bedell. If you guys haven’t read this one, check it out. Best book on selling I’ve read so far.